By Mademoiselle Bagatelles

patterns-trip-in-south-korea-storyHello there!
I’m not gonna lie and pretend it’s been easy to come back here! Every week I’ve been meaning to, but there was always something more urgent to do, like work, Chinese class, travelling, visiting family, travelling, doing sports, travelling…. Until I realised these were just excuses to mask my perfectionist anxiety. I’m dreading so much not to do things well enough that it kinds of break me and immobilise me.
You’ll agree with me that this is really counter-productive. I’ve started this blog to keep being creative and productive, and I was really into it at the beginning. But with my new job and other activities creeping on, I kind of lost the vibe for it. Which is something I’m not happy about. So, after long inner debate, I’ve decided to fight procrastination and useless perfectionism, and to get on with it.
Yes, this blog is not the best ever, yes, my designs are only at the beginning stage, but one must start somewhere, and if I keep telling myself it’s not good enough, I’ll never be able to improve! And so, I intent to keep to my word and be less fussy about the blog, and try not to make it perfect. I don’t have the time to make it perfect anyway. Let is just be a reflexion of my creative process and inspirations found in Shanghai, during my trips across Asia, but also around the world.

Having really enjoyed playing with prints last winter, and creating different patterns inspired by my trip to Seoul, I put them all together to form what we call a print range. It really helps visualise the different patterns and see how they work together. It’s as if they start to tell a story.
All the details that stroke me while visiting Seoul are present here: the blooms, the clouds, the narrow bricks from picturesque Bukchon hanok village, the beautiful tiles on the shrines and palaces roofs…



Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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